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K.A Refractories Co.,Ltd. has 20 years of a company manufacturer abrasives, an annual output of 600 tons of zirconium corundum(Zirconium Oxide), use of high purity zirconia and Alumina by melting a high temperature above 2500℃ to produce Zirconium Oxide abrasives, has a high hardness, high toughness, good grinding performance characteristics of Zirconium Oxide abrasive, Zirconium Oxide by the BarMark shaping a variety of particle size of abrasive grain shape is good, big Bulk density, Zirconium Oxide application for the manufacture of various high-performance abrasive, abrasive cloth, abrasive belt and heavy duty wheels and refractory materials etc. 
about Zirconium Oxide

Zirconium Oxide is an high grade abrasives materials and Zirconium Oxide can application high grade refractory materials. It is high strength, high toughness, high temperature characteristics of Zirconia corundum, Zirconium Oxide can manufacturer abrasive and High-performance heavy-duty sand wheels,also can application for Iron and steel industry, continuous casting and rolling, nozzle, flow channel, glass furnace refractories, etc. Zirconium Oxide can use of steel, cast iron, heat-resistant steel, titanium, nickel alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloys and other tungsten grinding. there are several names of Zirconium Oxide,such as Zirconium Oxide, Zirconia Aluminum Oxide(ZA), Fused Alumina ZA 25, zirconium corundum etc.

Our Zirconium Oxide has exported to U.S.A, Korea,German,Spain,Mexico,Spain,India,America,Africa, Europe etc more countries.

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